our champagnes
from the earth to men
from the vine to champagne

The Vertus’s terroir is planted on a chalky soil that brings delicacy, minerality and aromatic complexity to our cuvées.

Our vines and our wines are living and evolving. We limit our actions to let them be expressed. Harmony, pureness and character must be preserved, our cuvées are the reflection of a meticulous work of selection. In every plot, each stock draws the richness of its aromas from the deepest part of the soil of the Côte des Blancs. Michel RUTAT has always created fresh and matured champagnes, from grapes bursting with sun and sugar. Flavien and Baptiste follow this way by bringing their youth, their creativity and their originality.

Brut Grande Réserve

The Chardonnay in all its complexity and delicacy!!! 
Brut Grande Réserve lets all the aromatic power of the Chardonnays planted in the heart of the Vertus’s terroir express. The wisdom and the maturity of the plots called Pas de Cheval, La Bouverie or Les Champs à Rampe bring delicacy and complexity to this cuvée. 
Grande Réserve is the fruit of the blending of our best years of reserve wines with younger wines. It will age during 48 months in our cellars. 
The result is a Champagne with thin and long-lasting bubbles moving on to powerful citrus fruits aromas which will carry you to a finish with flavour of slightly toasted brioche. It will be perfect to be drunk during your evenings or during your meals with family and friends.

Dosage : 6 grammes /L - Blending: Reserve wines and wines of the year

Brut Blanc de Blancs

Exclusively created from the Chardonnay grape variety, Brut Blanc de Blancs is the fruit of the blending of our plots planted more recently such as those called La Puce, Les Mazaux, Clou or Les Lyonnais. 
The youth of these plots gives dynamism and freshness to Brut Blanc de Blancs. Its vivid and creamy bubbles are long-lasting and reveal aromas of flowers and white flesh fruits. 
It will age during 24 months at least before being tasted during an aperitif with family or friends.

Dosage : 6 grammes /L - Blending: 2 consecutive years.

35g demi-sec

We select our youngest plots to ensure a perfect balance between liveliness and sweetness. 35G has been dosed out finely to preserve the delicacy and the freshness of the Chardonnay. It is a caress that will perfectly match desserts and something sweets.

Dosage : 35g/ L - Blending: 2 consecutive years. 

Brut Millesime 2010

The plots located in the heart of the Vertus’s terroir are put in the spotlight in our Millésime. To create this cuvée, we need plots well located and full of wisdom to let the character of the soil, of the Chardonnay and of the climate express itself freely and make every year unique. 
The grapes must be perfectly ripe to create this cuvée. The yellow colour reveals a delicate and complex nose. In the palate, Brut Millésime is elegant, mature, with fine citrus fruits aromas that give way to notes of roasted dried fruits and toasted bread.

Dosage : 6g/L - Blending : Les Pas de Cheval, les Florancis.

brut rose

Brut Rosé is a blending of the Coteau Champenois red wine with a base wine of Champagne 100% made with Chardonnay. The Pinot Noir is not predominant in Vertus but it grows well and produces mature grapes which have a powerful and greedy fruitiness. This allows to create the Vertus Red Wine blended for 20% with Chardonnay reserve wines. Our plots planted with Pinot Noir are very productive and we take the utmost care of the grapes to make them very coloured, bursting with sugar and flavour. All this results in a Brut Rosé Champagne with a candy-pink colour. The nose is fruity and expressive, the palate is ample and greedy, with red fruits aromas.

Dosage : 6g/L - Blending : Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

vertus rouge

It is one of the rare Red Coteau Champenois that it is possible to produce in the Champagne appellation area. It is a still red wine, in other words, non-sparkling. We only have some plots planted in Pinot Noir to create our VERTUS ROUGE. These plots are low-productive to produce well ripe grapes very coloured. The colour is brilliant and ruby, the nose is fruity and powerful followed by a fresh palate with fine red fruits aromas.