we are just tenants of our soils 

Our Champagnes
From the earth to men
from the vine to champagne

Our estate is composed of 7 hectares,

divided into 26 plots. The Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties represent 93% and 7% of the surface respectively. The average age of our vines is 28. Our old vines are reserved for our prestigious Cuvées. René RUTAT’s vineyard is located on the southern end of the Côte des Blancs whose name comes from Chardonnay, the white grape variety. The Champagnes created are marked with freshness of delicate and elegant aromas.

René who founded our estate and Brut Blanc de Blancs and Brut Grande Réserve, our emblematic cuvées, created fresh and complex Champagnes, permeated with the terroir of Vertus. He wanted the grapes to be the reflection of his work in the vines. Passionate and close to nature, he passed on his knowledge and his love of the vine and the wine to his son Michel. 

In 1985, Michel took over the management of the Champagne René RUTAT estate and has followed the way prepared by his father for more than 15 years. He has worked the soils of the vines by limiting the use of synthetic plant health care products. 

In 2000, he decided to go further by stopping using pesticides and “plowing the soil”. This return to the soil work is an additional step towards an approach totally respecting our Earth. Year after year, Michel has gained knowledge and has taken risks to limit his environmental impact. 

When his sons Flavien and Baptiste arrived in 2016 in the estate, they made a long thinking reality and decided to convert the Champagne René RUTAT’s vineyard into organic viticulture. The objective was to let the terroir, the climate and the grapes be expressed.

Flavien and Baptiste also share this passion for the winegrower profession. What could be more wonderful and fascinating than planting a vine stock, guiding it throughout its growth to harvest magnificent and balanced grapes which will take part in the production of the king of wines: The CHAMPAGNE. 

We are working our vines to bring balance, maturity and aromatic expression to our grapes. The art of pressing, the wine-growing method and the blendings passed down from father to son, convert these fruits offered by Mother Nature into Champagne that will patiently age in our cellars.

You will appreciate the full richness and delicacy of the aromas of Champagne René RUTAT in each of our cuvées.

Modernity and respect of the traditions and of nature are an integral part of our philosophy. New technologies help us in to develop our approach of qualitative improvement while reducing our environmental imprint. We have the important project to create new cuvées which will be original, rich and complex.


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