we are just tenants of our soils 

Our Champagnes
From the earth to men
from the vine to champagne

At the beginning, there were...

The earth, and especially the chalk which Chardonnay remarkably adapted to... There were men ... Their names are Jules-Noël... Robert-Etienne RUTAT... They transmitted each other the know-how, the respect of the soil and the vine work. They were dedicated to their vines but also to the local economy of the Champagne region, by taking part in the creation of the Cooperative of Vertus.

... and René RUTAT, who also took part in the cooperative creation and decided to create his “own bubbles” in the 1960s. Thus, the family purchased a press, vats and wine-growing equipment. 

The first bottles of Champagne created by René RUTAT came from the wish to combine the passion of the vine work and the freshness of the beautiful Chardonnay grape variety... 

and Michel RUTAT, who grew up in the passion of this magnificent art. His philosophy was to give effervescence to our Cuvées with the greatest respect for the Champagne tradition, but also for Nature and for human relationship... 

then Flavien and Baptiste who also grew up with the prestigious bubbles of Champagne from their early childhood. They also have the passion and this heritage is in safe hands.

We are just tenants of our SOILS!!!

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